About “Nature and Supernatural Nature”

The focus of this blog is Jamaican plant lore, especially that which was associated with the spirit world, recorded by the American anthropologist and folklorist Martha Warren Beckwith in the 1920s. The idea arose out of my PhD thesis, “Shadow Worlds and “Superstitions”: An Analysis of Martha Warren Beckwith’s Writings on Jamaican Folk Religion, 1919-1929”. I had intended to include a chapter on spiritual healing but due to time constraints, “Spiritual Healing” never made it to the final thesis. However, during the course of my research for this chapter I came across lots of lore associating Jamaican flora with the spirit world. This, combined with my fascination for the general folklore surrounding plants, has materialised in the form of “Nature and Supernatural Nature”.



About me

I’m a UK-based independent researcher with interests in Jamaican folk religions, ethnobotany, Caribbean History and early Boasian female anthropologists.



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